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With the development of economic globalization today, especially after China's accession to the world trade organization, all industries in China will face new challenges. In order to be invincible in the severe market competition, the urgent task is to improve their own level as soon as possible, rely on market guidance and technological progress, and vigorously introduce a large number of excellent techniques. Technical personnel and technical hardware and software facilities. On the development, we still have a long and long way to go, we still need more efforts, we realize that the former glory is just before, how to open up the main road, is our most fundamental task; in the face of fierce competition in the domestic and foreign markets, after nearly twenty years of rain and rain baptism, our "forest people" meaning Ambition is stronger, business is more prosperous, and business is more mature.

We sincerely hope that the broad masses of the industry and all sectors of society will care and help to create a brilliant future for China's printing and packaging industry. With the integrity of the style, the concept of double, looking forward to cling to your hands, progress together, create a better tomorrow together.