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These are some recent and past language learning projects:

1. Team Tandem (2015-present). A Fund for Innovation Project, connecting English and Spanish learners in the county of Monterey. Evolved into With April Danyluk.

2.  (2015-present).
MIIS Spanish Learners write about global and local issues in Spanish, expanding their (our) knowledge and glocal awareness. With my Spanish Fifth Estate students.

3. Piensa el Cine (2015-2016).  I am the co-director for this UIMP course and creator of the online platform for the course. At Piensa el Cine you can find resources for using cinema in the language classroom, course presentations, students’ lesson plans, and collective notes from the course. With Cristina Martínez-Carazo and Dani Hernández as invited instructor.

4. iCultura co-author (2014). Multimedia Spanish textbook. Recorded 18 video interviews with Spanish speakers from different parts of the Hispanic World; recorded voice over; created interactive activities using Adobe Captivate; product testing with UC Davis students. With Dan Comins, Robert Bake, and Travis Bradley.

5. EyeVocab (2013). Voice over and word selection for eyeVocab in Spanish, vocabulary acquisition software, based on word/image mental associations. With Robert Blake, Tania Lizarazo, Tracy Quan, and Miles Beck, founder of EyeVocab.

6. Online and hybrid teaching (2010-2013): 

  • Developed syllabus and taught the first virtual Spanish class at the University of California official curriculum.
  • Developed syllabus and taught the first hybrid Spanish intermediate class at the University of California, Davis.
  • Taught online Spanish to gifted kids in the US and Japan, in collaboration with the Center for Talented Youth (CTY, John Hopkins University) program in Spain.

7. Spanish Interactive lessons (2012). Learning materials for the UC Davis Spanish elementery level. Recorded interviews with native speakers; created content; product testing with UC Davis students. With Robert Blake. 

8. Blogs Exchange (2007). The first community of blogs dedicated to the learning and interchange of languages. Founder and webmaster. 138,900 unique visitors during 2014.

9. Gaceta hispánica (2005). New York University & Middlebury College in Spain academic journal (ISSN: 1886-1741) co-founder and former editor.

10. Middlebury College Spanish Language School website creation and bulletin co-editor (summer of 2004).

As project manager and content developer for CEPAL, I coordinated the creation of an online master’s degree, different courses, and multimedia projects (2002-2004). I also published more than 300 articles in the Spanish media, organized film festivals, and designed websites, logos, posters, and newsletters.

For other projects, see my CV.

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